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Our Plumbers Scotts Valley Style is a Unique Blend of Old and NewThere are a few things you need to know if you plan on doing bathroom renovations on your own. Even if you plan on using a plumber for the installations, you'll still want to do a little shopping before you select the actual fixtures. Years ago, the numbers of choices available to you were limited. Companies like American Standard and Toto dominated the marketplace and the most difficult choice you had to make had to do with color. Today, modern technology has come to the plumbing industry. Not only are there more manufacturers out there now, but each of them has more models to choose from.

Everything Including the Kitchen Sink

Doing a Renovation. Call our Plumbers. Scotts Valley Doesn't Have Anyone Better Let's begin with the sink. The traditional models came either with or without a cabinet to enclose them and the cabinets themselves didn't come in all that many different colors and styles. Today, with fabrication shops able to put out more complex cabinetry while still keeping prices down, you have hundreds of choices, including novelty selections that only you might like. “Custom” cabinetry today is more likely particle board or plastic shaped and styled to fit the homeowner's tastes.

Everything Old is New Again

Our Plumbers Scotts Valley Style Is Evident in This Clean Italian Style Marble RenovationTub styles, for those who install tubs, seem to have gone back in time. The original Clawfoot bathtub is making a comeback, and the ever-comfortable Slipper bathtub is also a popular choice. If you're looking to modernize, try a whirlpool bathtub with a tank-less hot water heater attached.

You'll never want to leave your bathroom. For faucets, the old stand-bys are still available and Moen still makes some of the most exquisite handles and spigots on the market, though Gerber is now a close second.


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